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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"No Darwin - no Hitler"

Crazy title to this post, eh?

Unfortunately, it's a direct quote from the Coral Ridge Ministries'...ahem...documentary on the evils of Darwinism.

The latest thrust of the creationists seems to be an attempt to blame Darwin directly for the ravages of lunatics and criminals Hitler to the Columbine shooters (one of whom, apparently, wore a t-shirt with the words "natural selection" upon it).

What this wacky bunch conveniently overlooks is that the "selection" practised by Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Klebold nothing "natural" about it, and has nothing to do with the progressive genetic mutation forseen by Darwin.

Check it out here.

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Tetyana Vysotska said...

I guess the authors of that documentary (it’s a pity I can’t watch it because of some technical reasons) mixed the theory of Darvin with theory of social Darvinism, invented by other people, mostly on a base of Darvin’s ideas of evolution.
A couple of weeks ago I had very interesting discussion on this topic (social Darvinism) with one of my friends from Azerbaijan. As social Darvinists say, in modern world every society has its own level of social evolution. We were trying to think up if we could state that some countries today are not ready for democracy. My point of view is that the ideas of social Darvinism may be used in terms of education – the level of education of people in society. Promoting further education, we can stimulate the growth of the society (country) towards the contemporary democratic standards.
Talking about the use of social Darvinism by Hitler, every idea, theory or ideology (even religion) may be used by extremists.

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Fisherman"s Blues
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