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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some linked friends and acquaintances

I've added links to some of the blogs I read on a near-daily basis. There will be more.

Marginalia was created by a Latvian friend named Peteris Cedrins. Peteris is an interesting fellow: broadly and well read and - forgive me PC - of strong opinions. He and I often disagree, but I have to respect his point of view.

Redwine is another interesting blog, especially for those of you interested in Romania, leftist politics, etc. The creator is an utterly fascinating woman!

Neeka's Backlog. Veronika Khokhlova has been writing in less than usual of late, but this is no doubt due to the fact that she has an 8-month old baby girl at home to look after. Perhaps another reason is what looks like utter exasperation on her part with the circus that Ukrainian politics is becoming. If so, I share the feeling. Anyway, she writes well and takes superb pictures.


Redwine said...

Oh. Thank you. Snoblesse oblige, so I will have to update my blog just for you!

Simon the Butler said...

Not directly relevant to your blog - but this is Simon Horsman -Brit. We met on the plane from Alamty to Tashkent in January 1999.

I'm thinking of visiting Almaty on March/April 2007.

Are you there, back in Canada, or elsewhere?

Cd you write to me (at any length you like) on

Best wishes,

Fisherman"s Blues

Fisherman"s Blues
Ice-Fishing near Astana (when it was still Akmola)